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Internet/intranet applications

We use this solution for large and heterogeneous systems with many different software products, like the City Hall of Miercurea Ciuc. Different programs and heterogeneous databases are organized in a unitary structure with this web-based technology. Different software packages communicate and share data on a common WEB interface. The same technology is used to communicate and to exchange data with external systems and programs.
The applications in this category are designed to run in a distributed environment. The connection between the nodes of the system are carried over the Internet. In this environment the top priorities are the privacy and the security of the data.

The applications developed by the company C-Soft SRL are of two kinds:

Browser-based applications

This includes complex web pages and thin client applications. To ensure data security it is necessary to appeal to SSL that encrypts all the data communication. In the case of web portals that do not use encrypted connection, after retrieving data from the browser these will be checked by special libraries thus removing data that attempt to infect the system with viruses or try to penetrate it. There are two types of system penetration: XSS (Cross-site scripting) meaning that the connection is hijacked to a malicious or infected site and the SQL Injection that attempts to extract confidential data from databases.

Fat client application

Fat client applications are applications where only data is stored on the server and processing is done on the client computer. In these cases we use VPN technology meaning that there is a private Internet connection between the client computer and the the data server. The challenge is to reduce the flow of data with VPN connection, as this connection is slower. This is achieved by the optimization of database queries and by the adequate data storage, in order to minimize the flow of data towards the workstation.

All these methods are tested and we have been using them for a long time. Intranet / internet projects constitute the main part of our work lately.

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