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Client/server software development

The IT systems developed by our company are based on the concept of client / server technology. The IT systems implementing a client / server architecture are developed on three levels with either thin clients (the application runs in a browser and data-processing and data storage are on the server) or thick clients (the processing is done locally on the user system, and the server is accessed primarily for storage purposes)

ERP systems

For the ERP systems we have opted for thick client application to modularize the system more efficiently and to reduce the investments needed for the server. This approach allows a fair effort sharing between client computers and the server. In these cases we used Oracle, Pervasive SQL and MS-SQL database engines. As a programming environment C++, C# and Magic 4GL were used.

Applications for WEB

For intranet and web applications we apply the thin client technology. Data storage and data processing are done on the server. The user application runs in a browser. In the case of these systems MySQOL or MariaDB are used as database engines. Data processing is done by programs written with PHP or Java. Programs run in case of PHP on Apache webserver and in case of Java on Tomcat webserver.

Programming environments

To achieve applications in PHP we use CakePHP or ScriptCase programming environments and libraries with own PHP functions. To achieve the Java language applications we use J2EE, JSP and EJB technologies. On the client’s side there runs MS Windows or Linux operating system while on the server side CentOS Linux operating system.

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