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Over the years our company has developed and implemented hundreds of IT projects. Below we describe the most important projects and software products in our portfolio. This list is not exhaustive, we just want to emphasize our concerns and the most important achievements.

Univers ERP System
ERP Univers

It is an ERP system for medium-sized companies with up to 2000 employees and covers all sides of business management, from accounting to manufacturing and sales. The system has been developed since 1992 and has undergone several upgrades over the time. The system was designed as a modular system to allow better adaptation to customers` needs.
General accounting and administrating modules are completed, upon request, with specialized modules which are implemented according to the company’s profile. We have developed specific modules for a wide range of domains: pre-manufacturing, launching, tracking, monitoring and controlling production or retail. These specific modules are adapted to the specific needs of the customer, but they fit into the system and work with the other modules in the system. A good example is the module implemented at the factory Confecţia Miercurea Ciuc for the preparation, launching, tracking and accounting of the production. The module permits the perfect tracking of the production, and in addition it allows to calculate the salaries and it helps in determining the contract price.
The Universe system is a client / server system which uses fat client architecture with a wide range of databases engines: Oracle, PervasiveSQL, Dbase, MS-SQL or ODBC.
The main companies where it is implemented are: Infopress SA, Production Mirecurea Ciuc ComKim SA, Trampstur SA, DECORATEX SA, Biooptica SRL. etc.

IT System for Local Public Administration
IT System for Local Public Administration

Originally developed for the Local Public Administration of Miercurea Ciuc, in the present the system covers all the activities that are carried on in the Mayor’s Office of a medium-sized town. The development of the system began in 1995 and it is continuously completed since the newly emerged activities need computerization. The system comprises 14 activities of the Mayor’s Office. It is a system that has external connections to other systems within the municipality, like the system that monitorizes taxes and fees, and to systems outside the Mayor’s Office like the National Farm Register or the Public General Directorate for Persons Records.
The system is connected with the budgets of all subordinate institutions (schools, kindergartens, ensembles, museum, etc.) from where it takes the basic data to elaborate the report regarding the general budget of the Mayor’s Office. All these budgets are summarized in the consolidated budget of the Mayor’s Office by the system.
It is a client / server system that uses the Oracle database engine.

ASM - Document Management System

It is a complex archiving and search system that is compatible with documents in any format. The system is capable of storing connections between documents. The system besides that it can make the filing of the documents, it contains a ranking mechanism that can save the connection between the documents and the links between the various types of documents (request, response to request authorization issued on application etc.). Documents can be described with the aid of keywords, thus they become easily searchable. Those documents that are in electronic format and the content of which can be processed, will be introduced in the system in an indexed form, the other documents can be searched based on the keywords.
Another special feature of the system is that the processing of the data can be described with a graphic design scheme. The design is saved in BPEL format so it can be adapted to other systems that can interpret BPEL.
The system is based on the Apache Lucene for complex text searches, it is written in Java and C# .NET and MySQL database is used to store the hierarchy of links.

Media Distribution System

Focused on the distribution of newspapers, magazines and other publications, this system performs all the necessary administration and recordkeeping activity necessary for modern distributions. The system can keep the record of subscribers to various publications, of distributors and of local distribution points. The system can prepare the packaging plan of the publication. It can keep the record of truck routes and the number of copies that are to be transported to each locality on that route. The system allows to keep the records of the invoices and receipts, it develops lists of the subscriptions to be renewed for each agent. The system can keep the record of each agent’s territory, based on street name and house number, thus the overlap of districts can be avoided. The system keeps track of returns and optimizes the number of copies shipped to points where sale is free.
The technology uses the internet / intranet application and can be accessed from a standard browser from anywhere. It is developed using CakePHP and it uses the MySQL database.

MAP - software package for medical offices and clinics

MAP is a product developed for CompuMed Praxiscomputer and Saltron in Germany. Our team of programmers ported a 16-bit application on 32-bit systems, and we have developed new components and have incorporated a complex multimedia system for image processing.
It is now integrated import-export module data on XUP standards.

The system consists of the following modules:

  • patients’ records
  • records of consulting
  • records of medications and prescriptions
  • laboratory module
  • calculation of healt points
  • reports for health insurance companies
  • specific module for clinics

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