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Offshore development

Our company offers offshore and nearshore software development services since 1999. Our target market is mainly Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Advantageous prices

Our more than advantageous prices that we offer for our partners from abroad and the high technical level of the services that we provide offer an unbeatable alternative for our customers from abroad. Our more than a decade partnership with several companies in Germany and Austria certifies this fact. These companies could experience that their projects were realized in a realiabile manner with professionalism at a high technical level and with the respectation of the deadlines. The solution that we offer represents an alternative to optimze the costs of development without renouncing to quality and punctuality.

Communication skills

Regardless that the development is done onsite or at our headquarters, the communication skills and the problem solving abilities of our staff enable effective collaboration with our customers and lead to a high degree of satisfaction among them.

Modern technologies

Being familiar with the latest technology, and having experience with the most modern development tools our company can provide our services at a high level of professionalism and low cost in the same time. The geographic distances between Romania and Western Europe makes it possible for our collegues to travel to the client in due time. This represent an advantage if compared with our Asian competition. The similar cultural values facilitate partnership and communication, thus economical risks are minimalized.

The geographic proximity, the cultural similarity, the language skills and last but not least the specialized knowledge of our staff are factors that make our offer attractive for companies from German-speaking countries.

Maintaining close relationships with external partners is the main goal of the company's management which assumes an active involvement in daily activities, as further proof of the seriousness with which the projects of our foreign customers is treated.

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